About RPC

Richard Hiller established Retirement Policy Consulting in 2017 following a 35 year career at TIAA.  While at TIAA he concentrated on working with public higher education systems and state legislatures across the US to establish retirement plans that better met the needs of the mobile higher education workforce.  He also established and led the state and local government market segment in response to the changing needs of employees and employers for retirement and supplemental savings plans.

Hiller established RPC to work with federal, state and local governments as well as other key influencing groups as they work to determine sustainable retirement plan designs that are appropriate for the modern workforce.  The focus of RPC is in developing retirement plan designs going forward that meet employee retirement income needs while recognizing workforce policies of employers and broader budgetary realities of public entities and taxpayers.

Hiller’s extensive experience includes testifying before the US Congress and before legislative committees in many states coast to coast.  He has written many published pieces on retirement design issues and has worked closely with a wide variety of influential groups including those representing employees, employers, policy foundations and many others.