Retirement security is one of the most significant challenges we are facing as a society today.  While on the surface this may seem like an individual issue rather than a societal one, nothing is further from the truth.  The impact of inadequate retirement planning and saving by individuals will have a dramatic impact on us all as federal, state and municipal governments will have to step in to support individuals once they are unable to maintain gainful employment.  The magnitude of this expenditure will be massive in its impact on government budgets as well as on the ability of these governments to provide expected services.

The nature of the workforce has changed substantially over the years and continues to evolve.  Gone are the days when an individual entering the workforce would stay with the same employer for a career.  Employment tenure has shortened substantially just as life expectancies have lengthened.  Retirement plan designs have generally not kept pace with the workforce and demographic changes facing us today.

Retirement Policy Consulting was established to work with federal, state and local governments as well as other key influencing groups as they work to determine sustainable retirement plan designs that are appropriate for the modern workforce.  The focus of RPC is in developing retirement plan designs going forward that meet employee retirement income needs while recognizing workforce policies of employers and broader budgetary realities of public entities and taxpayers.